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May 17, 2021 — New Scratch Design Studio — Expect the Unexpected
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From squirrels on mars, to fish that fly, to furniture that can talk, there are so many unexpected things and situations to imagine! In this Scratch Design Studio, we invite you to think out of the box and make a project about the unexpected.
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Graphic Effects
Graphical Effects.png
Graphic effects when used on the Scratch Cat.
Small Stage Layout
Small Stage Layout Toggle Switch.png
The button that toggles the small stage layout.
Featured Studios
Featured Galleries.png
The "Featured Galleries" sidebar, present before Scratch 2.0.

List of Block Workarounds
Block workarounds are scripts that recreate the effect of a block without using the block. They can be used to better understand how blocks work and to recreate a block in another programming language.
Workaround for wait until <. . . :: grey>:
repeat until <. . . :: grey> //put no blocks in the body

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